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Corporate Photography and video

Need a good photo or video for a website? To present your company service? Creative ideas, unique visual vision. Company workflow, production demonstration, product usage or taking photos of product or service in a cosy environment.

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We are pleased to have the opportunity to showcase our photography and video services and work to date. With an international approach, Birta Photography delivers high quality, sophisticated images that convey the visual message that best supports your company in achieving its business objectives, whether it is

  • social media photos

  • corporate portraits

  • event photography

  • corporate identity

  • website

  • product

  • location or interior illustration

We believe that we convey a message, a feeling of liveliness, a style through our images.

Professional Team

Supplier of international conferences and companies

20+ years experience in applied photography

Corporate Photography and Video Services

Promote your business and tell your story with professional corporate videos and photography that showcase the exceptional quality of your services.

Event Photography in Europe

Press conference, company training, company party, workshop, sports, festival.
Corporate Photography Reviews
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Krisztina Misley - Event Sales Manager

March 10th, 2024
Reliable, fast and high-quality - those three words say it all. He works to deadlines, even the shortest, taking into account the client's ideas, and is flexible and friendly, making the work process easier. And the result is easy on the eye!

Endre Birta

Professional Photographer
I’m Endre Birta photographer. My passion is my profession as well because of this I’m a lucky person. More than 10 years experience at photography skill. Why have I choosen this profession?
I’m able to give something about their personality that’s uniqe and can’t repeatable. The photographs carry a part of our deep soul. The person who lives in us is extraordinary. Taking photos is an eternal intention for that the moment is settled in an image.

Frequently asked questions

What type of corporate photoshoots you do?
It always depends on the job. I am open to new ideas and new tasks. I have worked with a sculptor artist (pannon hearing centre) on illustrations for posters and multi-promotional material. Here the pictures were made in the artist's own studio, using natural light. It was a fascinating task to create snapshots that reflect the artist at work and at creation. There were times when I photographed family members in a summer atmosphere, the aim was to connect and communicate with each other. This also includes werk photography, when pictures are taken on a film shoot, how the film is made, who is in it.
What photo equipment do you use?
I have been using a canon digital camera for years. It comes with a wide range of lenses that I use regularly ( Canon 24-70 mm, Canon 70-200 mm, Canon 24-105 mm, 35 mm, 50 mm) I have a favourite external studio flash Godox AD600 pro that I carry on my system for outdoor shoots. This is great to use either indoors or outdoors on location. Along with these are tripods and tripod stands to help you set up your shooting lights.

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